How do I create pension bands for employee pension contributions?

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If you operate Banded Pension Schemes for Salary Related, you need to ensure that the Employee Pension Scheme contribution sets and rates are created within Cintra iQ. 


To create pension bands

  1. Navigate to the desired Pension Scheme definition window.
    1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Benefit Schemes> Pensions/Other Benefits
    2. Open the desired pension scheme. The Pension Scheme window appears.
  2. Navigate to the Pension Scheme Contribution window.
    1. Click the Contributions tab.
    2. Double-click the desired contribution record in the Scheme Parts pane. 
  3. Navigate to the the Insert Employee Contribution Set form.
    1. Click the Employee Contribution Rates tab. 
    2. In the Effective Date pane, right-click: New. The Insert Employee Contribution Set form appears. 
  4. Enter the Rates effective from date for the current tax year.
  5. Enter the Rates effective to date for the current tax year.
  6. Click the OK button. The date appears in the Effective Date pane.
  7. Navigate to the Insert Employee Contribution Set form. 
    1. Highlight the effective date.
    2. Right-click New in the Salary band pane. The Insert Employee Contribution Set form appears. 
  8. Enter the From salary band value.
  9. Enter the To salary band value.


    Ensure that the To salary band field ends in 99 pence. e.g. 28309.99

  10. Select the Contributions are percentage based option. 
  11. Enter the Percentage amount value.
  12. Click the OK button. The salary band record appears in the Salary band pane.
  13. Continue to enter the rest of the salary bands for the affected year.
  14. Click the OK button when finished.


For the 50/50 schemes you also have to include the reduced Employee percentage.

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