How do I define pension scheme parts as supporting auto enrolment?

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Cintra iQ has an Auto Enrolment (AE) facility, which takes you through the process of amending a pension scheme set up, defining which payment headings are pensionable and which headings are classed as Qualifying Earnings, running an assessment, and enrolling employees into the relevant Auto Enrolment scheme. Cintra iQ can also manage Opt ins and Opt outs
You can define whether your Pension Scheme Part is the following:
  • Is a Qualifying Contribution: Passes the pension regulator's minimum terms. 
  • Supports Auto Enrolment: AE chooses this part to enrol employees into the scheme and set contributions.

  Expenses & Benefits Form

If an employee belongs to more than one pension scheme, you can set the default pension scheme part in their Expenses/Benefits form. For more information, see How Do I Set Default Pension Scheme for Individual Employees?


To define pension scheme parts

  1. Navigate to the Pension/Benefits Schemes definition window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll > Payroll Setup> Benefit Schemes> Pensions/Other Benefits
  2. Select the desired Pension/Benefit Scheme definition.
  3. Click the Open button. The Pension Scheme window appears.
  4. Navigate to the Contributions tab.
  5. Double-click the desired Scheme Parts record. The Pension Scheme Contribution window appears.
  6. Navigate to the Pension Auto Enrolment Settings section in the Main Contribution Attributes tab.
  7. Check the Supports Auto Enrolment option. 


    You may already have existing schemes set up, therefore the pension parts of this scheme will need to be flagged as Qualifying Contribution if they meet the AE criteria.


  Non-Qualifying Schemes

If you have existing employees who are members of a non-qualifying scheme they will be auto enrolled into a second scheme if they meet the eligible jobholder criteria at assessment.


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