How do I set up pension scheme contributions?

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Within Cintra iQ, you can create all different pension scheme types to enable the correct deductions from both employees and employers contributions. These schemes are linked to payees for payment and provision of output files. They are also linked as appropriate to the pension auto-enrolment functionality so that this process can be managed efficiently. For more information about Pension Schemes, see How Do I Set Up New Pension Schemes?
Depending on how you have defined the Pension Contribution, you can set up Fixed Amounts or Percentage Contributions or Salary Related Contributions, as well as set further contribution details. 

To set up pension scheme contributions

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Benefit Schemes> Pensions/Other Benefits
  2. Navigate to the Contributions tab.


     If the employee contributions are free of tax, select the Contributions are free of tax option at the bottom of the tab.

  3. Open the desired Pension Contribution record. 
  4. In the Main Contribution Attributes tab, perform the following:
    1. Set the Contribution is an Additional Voluntary Contribution option if the contribution is an additional voluntary contribution (AVC).
    2. Set the Pension Auto Enrolment Settings, if necessary.
    3. Select any applicable Further Settings
  5. In the Employee Contribution Rates tab, enter the relevant contributions. For more information, see How Do I Create Pension Bands for Employee Contributions? or How Do I Create Fixed Amount or Percentage Employee Pension Contributions?
  6. In the Employer Contribution Rates tab, enter the relevant contributions. For more information, see How Do I Update Employer Pension Contributions?

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