What are/how do I create vehicle records?

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Before you begin to payroll company vehicles within Cintra iQ, you must set up the company vehicle records. When you create a new record, all of the data that is relevant when calculating the taxable benefit for the user of this vehicle appears on the Vehicle Record forms. The key fields to fill in for the benefit calculations are:
  • Type (whether this vehicle is a Car or a Van) 
  • List Price
  • Accessories Cost
  • Fuel Power Type
  • Engine Capacity
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Date Registered
The Company Vehicle wizard comprises two forms: Company Vehicle Record and Company Vehicle Details.
Go to Cintra iQ: Employer Settings folder> Company Vehicle> Navigator> right click: New> Insert Company Vehicle Records Wizard

About the Company Vehicle Record form


You need to create a record in Company Vehicles for each company vehicle being used. 







Enter the number of the car's registration plate.
Access Level
Select the security level to which applies to this record. You can choose from the drop-down list.
Enter the type of vehicle you wish to record such as Car, Van, Motorcycle etc.
Enter the manufacturer of the vehicle. Example: Skoda or Honda etc.
Enter the brand of vehicle. Example: Fabia or Civic etc.
Enter the vehicle's exterior or interior to make the vehicle distinctive from others.
Enter the vehicle's colour.
List Price
Enter the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
Accessories Cost
Enter the price of accessories as described by HMRC. For more information, see HMRC's Car Benefits and Car Fuel Benefits.
Enter any notes that relates to the vehicle.
DVLA Category
Enter the DVLA category of a particular type of vehicle that  an employee must be entitled to drive. Note: The employee's DVLA category on the  driver's license must match that of the vehicle's. 
Fuel/Power Type
Enter the type of fuel the vehicle uses. 
A = Anything other than Diesel 
D = Diesel
E = Zero EmissionNote:  E is only valid for Zero Emission vans.
Engine Capacity
Enter the vehicle's engine size in Cubic Centimetres. 
CO2 Emissions
Enter the manufacturer’s guide for the vehicle's CO2 emissions.
Zero Emission Mileage
Enter the electric mileage range for any vehicles with an emission of < 50g.
Approved CO2 Not Available
Check this box if the approved figure for CO2 emissions is not available.
Date Registered
Enter the date the vehicle was registered. Note: DDMMYYYY format.
Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis number. This is a unique code that includes a serial number.

About the Company Vehicle Details form

The Company Vehicle Details form contains additional information that you may want to enter, such as road tax and MOT dates. 



Tax/MOT/Service tab  This tab allows you to capture the details of when the Tax, MOT and Service are due for the vehicle.
Purchase/Sale tab This tab allows you to capture the details of when the vehicle was purchased and when it was sold (if applicable).
Insurance tab This tab allows you to capture details of the vehicle insurance's  renewal date and the insurer's name.
The Contract/Other tab This tab allows you to capture lease details and various codes for keys, alarms etc.

 Vehicle Keepers

The Vehicle Keepers form is a read only history view of any employee who has used this vehicle. Go to Cintra iQ: Folders Employer Settings Company Vehicles record in Navigator Forms Vehicle Keepers.


To create vehicle records

  1. Navigate to the Insert Company Vehicle Records Wizard window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employer Settings folder> Company Vehicle sub folder> Navigator> right click: New
  2. Fill in the mandatory fields.
  3. Fill in any of the optional fields, if desired.
  4. Click the Next button. The Company Vehicle Details window appears.
  5. Select the desired tab(s).
  6. Fill in the desired information.
  7. Click Finish button. The new vehicle record is displayed in the Navigator. You are now ready to assign the record to an employee.

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