How do I pay third parties?

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The Pay Third Party functionality allows you to combine payments, from different payrolls to third parties, into a single payment file and makes a payment run to a third party person or company/organisation. A third party payment can be for union dues or child care etc.

  Good to Know

If you have a union contribution on a weekly payroll and a monthly payroll, you could use the third party payments to combine the contributions from both payrolls so you are only paying the union one amount. Once you have created your payment file, you can either submit it to Cintra to send to the third party on your behalf, or save it to your computer to send it at a later time.


To create a third party payment file

  1. Navigate to the Pay Third Parties window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Pay Third Parties
  2. Select relevant Accounting Period.
  3. Click the Create Run Set button. This generates a payment run for each originating bank account in the system. 


    You can recreate the payment runs by clicking the Create Run Set button again. A message appears after each open run. If you have authorised and sent your file it will not be recreated. Click Yes to continue.

  4. Select file that you wish to send.


    If you use the scroll bar at the bottom, it will show more information including account name to aid with file selection.

  5. Click the Authorise Run button. A message appears stating: Are you sure you want to authorise the payment run?
  6.  Click the Yes button to confirm. You are returned to the Pay Third Parties window.
  7. Click the Close Off button. A message appears stating: Are you sure you wish to Close Off the payment run? 
  8. Click the Yes button. You are returned to the Pay Third Parties window.
  9. Click the Create File button. The Process BACS for Third Party Payments form appears. 
  10. Perform either of the following:
    • Amend payment details as necessary. e.g. if the pay date is a weekend. 
    • Click the  Create File  button. A message appears stating: BACS processing file has been generated successfully.

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