How do I publish payslips to Self-Service?

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Self-Service enables employees to view their payslips and P60s online securely. The process of uploading payslips to Self-Service from Cintra iQ is called Payslip Publish

To publish payslips 

  1. Navigate to the Payslip Publish - Select Payroll Period and Pay Date form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Payslip Publish
  2. Select the Payroll.
  3. Select the period you wish to publish payslips for.
  4. Select the date to be shown on the online payslip.
  5. Select the date payslips will be accessible from.
  6. From the Select By drop down, choose the filter by which payslips will be uploaded (this can be done on the next form).


    If you do not wish to Publish payslips with zero net pay untick its box. 

  7. Enter a message to be displayed on the payslip. (optional)
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. Select who you wish to publish payslips for i.e. All, Individual or Multiple employees.
  10. Click the Next button.
  11. Review the summary.
  12. Click the Run button. A message will be displayed saying how many payslips have been uploaded and will now appear online in Self-Service.
  13. Click the OK button and then Close.


This process can be run on the selected payroll and payroll period as many times as necessary as it will overwrite any existing data.

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