When do I close the tax period when paying employees?

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Once your payroll is finalised, you can pay employees within Cintra iQ, using your preferred payment method and report the details to HMRC in a FPS submission. You cannot close a period without having sent the FPS to HMRC. If you attempt to close the period before you have completed the payment run(s), the following message appears: Unable to close payroll period: Total of Payment runs made amount must equal total net pay.
Or if you have not sent the FPS, this message appears stating: Unable to close payrollperiod. Communication with the HMRC has to be completed. Payment [#] has not had an FPS file successfully transmitted. You must return to the Paying Out form and complete the processes that are outstanding.
When you have completed your payment runs, you can move into the next payroll period as per your usual procedure.

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