How do I submit an EPS/FPS to HMRC?

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You can create payment runs to pay tax, employee and employer NI, and student loan deductions to HMRC. The payment runs are created by the P32 period. Therefore, if you have more than one payroll under a tax reference, all payments due to HMRC are created in one run. As part of this process, the EPS (Employer Payment Summary) file is created and submitted to HMRC. The EPS file displays employer payments that are due such as tax, NI etc.

To submit an eps

  1. Navigate to the Pay HMRC window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Pay HMRC
  2. Select the desired EPS period.
  3. Create the Payment Run.
  4. Click the Submit EPS button. This EPS file is then automatically submitted to HMRC


The EPS Complete check box becomes checked once the file has been successfully transmitted and received by HMRC. Use the Refresh button to refresh this status.


To submit a FPS file

Once your payroll is finalised, you can pay employees using your preferred payment method and report the details to HMRC in a FPS submission. When the payment run has been closed off you need to submit the FPS file.
  1. Navigate to the Pay Employees window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Pay Employees
  2. Create the Payment Run.
  3. Authorise the run.
  4. Close Off the run. The Submit FPS button becomes active.
  5. Click the Submit FPS button. The Gateway Credentials window appears.
  6. Select the relevant credential from the drop-down. 


    If you have previously saved your HMRC login credentials, the file will automatically be submitted to HMRC. Use the Refresh button to view the status of the submission. The FPS is then submitted to HMRC via the FBI mail box.

  7. Check if the Status of the FPS submission is successful by either of the following methods:
    • Click the Refresh button in the Pay Employees form.
    • Go to Cintra iQ: Toolbar> FBI icon> HMRC Form Processing> Outgoing Forms tab


      If the FPS fails to submit, an error message appears and the status in the FBI mailbox will be as Failed.

What if the submission is unsuccessful?

  1. Navigate to the Cintra iQ: Toolbar> FBI icon> HMRC Form Processing> Outgoing Forms tab
  2. Click the Open FBI Mailbox button. The File By Internet window appears.
  3.  Click Acknowledgements. The file(s) ready to be sent appears.
  4. Select the desired file(s).
  5. Click Send. The data is sent to HMRC and you will receive a notification that your submission has been successful. If the submission has failed, you will see the Error notification in the Response tab. Solve what went wrong and then resend the file.


    If you send the FPS file late, you may have to add a reason as to why.

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