How do I produce P32 reports?

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It is your responsibility to make regular payments to the HMRC to account for PAYE and National Insurance deductions you make from employees. When you pay HMRC an entry is made on the P32 report as a log to record payments due and made to HMRC. It also produces a BACS file for submission to your bank.  For more information about paying HMRC, see How Do I Pay HMRC?

To produce the report

  1. Navigate to the Pay HMRC window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Pay HMRC
  2. Select the desired P32 Period.
  3. Click the Annual P32 button. The P32 report appears.
  4. For each tax scheme selected, click on the Refresh button to see the analysis of payments generated within Cintra iQ.
  5. Continue to Archive the report to the database, Save the report to the relevant location, Print the report out, or Close the report window. 


PDF Output example

Spreadsheet Output example

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