How do I view stored related documents?

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What are related documents?

In Cintra iQ, users are able to store and manage various types of documents related to a person. There are three methods for doing this:

  1. Letter History: This method involves storing the history of letters associated with a person. The Letter History tab provides information about each letter, including the letter title, who created it (Run By), the date and time it was generated, the letter type (e.g., Employee or Job), and a description of the letter run.

  2. Linked Documents: This method allows you to save links to external documents and categorize them into folders. You can also save links to folders. The Linked Documents tab provides information about the linked documents, including their names, dates of linkage, descriptions, and document paths. There are buttons to perform tasks like copying the document path, collapsing or expanding categories, and opening folders.

  3. Uploaded Documents: This method enables you to upload personal documents directly into the Cintra iQ database. These uploaded documents can be viewed by the employee within Self-Service. The Uploaded Documents tab provides information about the uploaded documents, including their names, document categories, upload dates, whether they are visible to the employee in Self-Service, and descriptions. There are buttons to expand or collapse categories and to view and download the uploaded files.

How do I view a system generated document?

  1. Go to: Personnel Record > Forms > Related Documents
  2. Navigate to the Letter History tab.
  3. Right-click: Open on the selected Letter History tab. The letter appears.
  4. ReviewSave and/or Print the letter, if necessary.

How do I view an uploaded document?

  1. Go to: Personnel Record > Forms > Related Documents
  2. Navigate to the Uploaded Documents tab.
  3. Highlight the desired document. 
  4. Click the Open Document button.
  5. ReviewSave and/or Print the document, if necessary.

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