How do I create time off in lieu (TOIL)?

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What is Time off in lieu (TOIL)?

Some employers give you time off instead of paying for overtime. This is known as "time off in lieu". In order to assign Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) to an employee within Cintra iQ, you must perform the following:
  1. Create the hours worked as a calendar event.
  2. Review how may hours the employee is then entitled to take time off.
  3. Create an absence calendar event for the employee for the time off in lieu of the hours worked.

1. Create the hours worked

  1. Go to: Employment Record > Forms > Calendar. The Employment Calendar window appears.
  2. Create the TOIL Worked calendar event. For more information about creating calendar events, see How Do I Create Calendar Events? 

2. Review the time owed

  1. Go to: Employment Record > Forms > Absence Allowance. The Attendance/Entitlement window appears.

  2. Select the Entitlements tab. The Annual Leave category details automatically appear.

  3. Select Category: TOIL Taken. The list of time taken and worked appears in the History Pane along with the balance.
  4. Enter the Time Taken used by the employee.

3. Create the time off in lieu

  1. Return to to the employee's Employment Calendar
    Go to: Employment Record > Forms > Calendar. 
  2. Create the Time Taken calendar event for time off. The history and balance in the Entitlement's tab is updated.


    You can set the amount of time off an employee can have in a given year by creating an Entitlement record in the Entitlements pane. Right-click: New and fill in the desired information.


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