How do I assign cost codes to an employee's payroll period?

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You can mirror your company cost code structure with Cintra iQ. Once this is done, you can set up rules and provide input data so that your costs and liabilities can be analysed accurately, according to your company management accounting requirements. 
From time to time, you may need to allocate cost codes to an individual employee pay element in a pay period. e.g. Allocating overtime hours in a pay period.


Jessica completed 10 hours of overtime. While her primary department is Development (DEV), this overtime was not for Development; instead, she was assisting the Marketing team. As a result, her 10 hours of overtime need to be allocated to the Marketing department (MARK) for this month.

To assign cost codes to pay periods

  1. Navigate to the Payroll Period Input and Corrections window for the employee. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment record> Forms> Payroll Period Input
  2. Select the desired Payroll Period
  3. Select the Show Current Period Input and Corrections option.
  4. Select the Payments and Rates tab.
  5. Open the desired payment record. The Edit Payment Record form appears.
  6. Select the Cost Allocation tab.
  7. Select the desired Cost Code part.
  8. Click the OK button. The Cost Allocation is applied to the payment record.


Cost Allocation codes can also be applied when importing batches of period input data.

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