How do I calculate statutory paternity payments?

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Cintra iQ has the functionality to process Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) which is managed in the first instance via the calendar in the same way as all absence. Then the form is used to enter the other information needed to calculate correctly.
The rules for calculating statutory paternity pay are either by weeks or calendar days to the end of the pay period. This is set in the payroll setup as is whether SPP is offset.
Once the Paternity Calendar Event is created, and the Statutory Paternity Pay Claim is updated, you can calculate the SPP.

To calculate the Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)

  1. Click the Calculate icon on the toolbar. The Payroll Calculation window appears.
  2. Select either the desired Individual or Payroll.
  3. Click the Calculate button. A message appears if the calculation has produced exceptions.
  4. Continue accordingly. The calculation appears on the SPP Claim and the employee's payslip.

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