How do I add a spine point to an individual employee's grade?

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Salary (Payment) grades are used by many organizations to help managers manage employees and establish appropriate pay increases for existing employees, while maintaining equity among the jobs in the company. Payment grades provide a structure for compensating employees and managing the payroll.
You can add a Grade and/or Pay Spine against an individual employee's Grade History form. For more information about the fields in the Grade form, see About the Grade Record form.


If you use the Grade History form, you can only add one Grade and one Spine Point. You need to set the working time through the Time Management form.

To add a spine point

  1. Navigate to the employee's Grade History form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Grade History
  2. Highlight the desired grade in the Grade History pane.
  3. Right-click: New in the Spine Point History at Grade pane. The Insert Employee At Spine Point form appears.
  4. Select the desired Spine Point ID.
    Note: The Spine Point ID only lists those points associated to the Grade.
  5. Enter the From date. This is the effective start date of this point against the employee. 


    Leave the From date blank if you know in advance of a spine point change, not the incremental change. If you are not using Posts, then the Grade History form will need to be customised into the system.

  6. Click the OK button. The Spine Point record is added to the employee's Grade History form.
  7. Click the OK button when finished.

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