How do I enrol employees into payrolls?

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Within Cintra iQ, the Payroll Membership form is essential to determine which payroll the employee will be paid from.


If you have more than one payroll on your database, you can transfer an employee from one payroll membership to another under the same PAYE reference . This is only applicable when each of the payrolls sit within the same PAYE reference.

For all new starters, a payroll membership record needs to be created before the employee can be paid.

How do I enrol an employee?

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Employments Records> Forms> Payroll Membership.
  2. Click New. The Payroll New Starter form appears. The confirms the employee’s start date and this determines the period available in which you can start the employee.
  3. Select the desired Payroll. The Start Date defaults to the employee's start date.
  4. Select the desired tax Period.
  5. Click the OK button. The employee is now a member of the payroll.


    If an employee has a start date in a previous period or next period, you can select the relevant period from the Period drop-down list.


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