How do I calculate net to gross payments for individuals?

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Within Cintra iQ, you can figure out how much net pay is required at gross level before deductions are made.


If an employee is given £1000 net in bonus, it might cost the company £1470.40 at the gross level, depending on the deductions required to calculate the £1000 net.


To create net to gross payments for individuals

Enter Payments 

  1. Ensure that you have entered what ever payments required for the payroll period apart from the one you want to gross up.

Calculate the desired Employee's Payments

Calculate the desired Employee's payments on their payslip to view their current Net Pay.

  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Payslip. The Payslip & Period Summary window appears. 
  2. Click the Calculate button. 
  3. Take note of the Net Pay amount on the Gross to Net Summary tab. 

Perform the Net to Gross Calculation

  1. Navigate to the Net to Gross Calculation window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Net to Gross Calculation. The Payroll Net To Gross Calculation window appears.
  2. Select the desired Individual’s ID and Name.
  3. Select the desired Addition Heading that you want to pay the payment against. eg Bonus.
  4. Enter the Target Net Amount of the pay. A confirmation message appears stating: Do you wish to run the Calculation now? The process may take several minutes. 


    To get the Target Net Amount, add the Net Pay amount you found on the employee's payslip to the additional amount you wish to pay. eg. £1943.11 (Net Pay on Payslip) + £1000 (additional net amount).

  5. Click the Yes button. Continue with the instructions.
  6. Click the Calculate button. The Pending Changes record appears. It displays the Target Net amount and the Current Amount of Addition.

Return the Employee's Payslip & Period Summary 

  1. Return to the employee’s Payslip & Period Summary window> Gross to Net Summary tab. The gross amount of the addition is displayed in the Payments pane. The Net Pay amount is updated to include both the addition and original net pay.

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