How do I include off payroll workers in my payrolls?

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Within Cintra iQ, you can include off payroll workers in your company's payroll for TaxNational Insurance Contributions and Apprenticeship Levy purposes.


For more information about IR35, see

To include off payroll workers

  1. Determine if the worker should be treated as a deemed employee.
    You can check the worker's Employment Status for tax by using HMRC’s free Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool. Go to: 
  2. Inform the worker that you have determined their status and give them the opportunity to appeal.
  3. Enter the worker in Cintra iQ as a New Starter, if necessary.


    If a worker moves from being Off payroll to regular employment or vice versa, you must close off the employment record before creating a new one. This is because Off payroll and regular employment are two different contracts.

  4. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Records> Forms> Tax and NI> RTI Details tab.
  5. Select the Off payroll worker check box.
  6. Save. The worker is taxed accordingly. They will be prevented from receiving statutory payments (SSPSMPSAP, etc.), and will be excluded from any automatic auto enrolment assessment.


    The Off Payroll Working status will be reported to HMRC in FPS Transmissions.

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