What are the tax and NI details?

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Use the Tax and NI form within Cintra iQ to view and record the employee's tax and national insurance information. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Tax & NI

Tax NI Details

Tax Tab

Use this tab to view and record tax codes.

Tax Code History Pane

Within the Tax Code History pane, you can view and set up tax codes
Name Description
New Employee (No P45 Details)

If the employee has no P45 but have filled in the Starter Check List form from HMRC, use this form to record their employment circumstances, type of Student LoanDeclaration date, and/or flag if the employee is seconded from an overseas employer.


If the employee has not filled in a Starter check list form from HMRC, select the Employer option. The statement: C is automatically selected and the employee is placed on the 0T tax code whereby the employee is not eligible for any allowance.

New Employee (P45 Details)

Use this form to record the employee's P45 details such as the previous Tax Code, type of Student Loan, last entries on the Deductions Working Sheet (P11) etc. Use this form to declare the employee's employment circumstance.


When you receive a P45 form from the employee, you should also be given a New Starter Declaration. Use the Declarations button to record this.

New Employee (Pension Payroll) Use this form to record the employee's employment details such as the Previous employer PAYE referenceDate of leavingtotal pay to date etc.; whether the employee is receiving a pension as a recently bereaved spouse or civil partner. You can also record the Pension/Income Drawdown/Income Withdrawal details.
P6/6B Coding Notice

This type of coding notice will typically be received via a File by Internet download, so will not be manually entered.

Use this form to record paper copies of data sent from HMRC through the post, which informs the employer of the correct tax code for the employee.

P9 (T) Coding Notice

This type of coding notice will typically be received via a File By Internet download, so will not be manually entered.

Use this form to record the paper copies of data sent from HMRC through the post, which informs the employer of the tax code change for the employee.

Manual coding

Use this form to assign the tax code to a new payroll.


This form is only for use during data transfer from other systems i.e. during implementation.

New Employee (Expat)

Use this form to record the employee's circumstances, type of student loan, Declaration date, and/or flagged if the employee is seconded from an overseas employer.


If there are any tax code changes for an existing employee, the codes would be downloaded via FBI. The tax codes will automatically appear in the Tax Code History pane.

Button Name Description
Take On Tax Adjustments
If you are working with a parallel payroll, you can use this button to adjust any Take On tax for the employee to ensure the figures match.


The Pay Schemes RTI functionality must be switched off during the parallel in order for the adjustments to be made. Once the payroll is closed off, you cannot make a tax adjustment.

Tax Rebates
If the employee is a casual worker, you can suppress their tax rebate by using this button so that the employee is not paid a tax refund for periods of zero pay.
Student Loans
If the employee has student loans, click this button to view details. You can also stop the student loan by entering the stop date here. But if the student loans are set up by FBI, you can view the student loan details by clicking this button.

National Insurance tab

Within the National Insurance tab, you can set national insurance contributions categories for the employee. 
Name Description
Irregular Payment to Leaver
Click this button if an employee leaves and there is an irregular payment required to be paid, their National Insurance Contribution payment can be calculated on a weekly basis instead of on a monthly basis. For more information, see How do I calculate irregular late payments to leavers?
Click this button to record the dates from which the employee starts and ends their apprenticeship.
Click this button to select the desired tax year for the directorship
Director Status
If the employee is a director, click this button to calculate National Insurance Contributions in the selected tax year.
NI Adjustments
Used for manual adjustments to the National Insurance Contribution. This is typically only used during implementation for parallel runs.

New NI Settings

Name Description
Effective Date
Enter the date in which the NI Category is in effect.
NI Category


If you do not select a NI Category, the category automatically defaults to A: Standard - Contracted In.

Employee has an APP
This option is no longer used and is displayed for historical purposes only.
CA2700 Received
Select this check box if the employee is on a reduced rate NI category and defers their National Insurance contributions. For example, the employee is ion state pension age and is category C- retired.
CA4138, CF383, CF380A Held
Select this check box if the employee is eligible for married women's reduced rate National Insurance contributions.

For more information about the National Insurance tab, see How Do I Make NI Category Changes?

HMRC Forms Sent tab

Within the HMRC Forms Sent tab, you can view the records of what has been historically submitted to HMRC, such as P45sStarter Checklist etc.


Once a record is printed and saved, the P45 Printed check box is automatically selected to indicate that it is already printed.


RTI Details tab

Within the Tax and NI form, you can record the hours worked and any periods of unpaid absence using the RTI Details tab. You can determine whether an Off payroll worker is on the payroll, by selecting the Off payroll worker checkbox. For more information about Real Time Information (RTI), see What is Real Time Information?

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