How do I process late payments to leavers?

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When an employee is made a leaver on the payroll, HMRC will be notified when the RTI data is submitted each pay period. You need to give the employee a P45 form for their records, which shows the total pay and tax  in the employment  tax year.

If an employee has been made a leaver and you have issued their P45 but you need to make a further payment to that person, follow the instructions below

To Make a Late Payment to Leaver

  1. Go to Cintra iQ
  2. Highlight the Employee
  3. Click Payroll Membership
  4. Click Late Payment Button
  5. Confirm if the payment is regular, or irregular
  6. A current Late Payment to Leaver Payslip will be created in the current period

Using Payroll period input add the additional Payment required to be made to the employee

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