How do I calculate the payroll after the payroll transfer?

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Once you have created multiple Payrolls for an employer within Cintra iQ, you can transfer an employee between payroll memberships by moving the employee from one payroll to another payroll, providing the PAYE reference number is the same for all payrolls.


For more information about how to associate a payroll to the selected PAYE scheme, see How Do I Associate a Payroll to a PAYE Scheme?

You can transfer an employee to an alternative payroll under the same PAYE reference number.


Ensure that you have created additional payrolls for the same Pay Scheme before you try to transfer an employee.

If the payroll membership changed mid-month, you need to calculate payslips on both payrolls. In the Payroll Calculation form, calculate each record that has two different payroll names and matching clock numbers. Form ore information about calculating payrolls, see How Do I Perform a Payroll Calculation?

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