What is field security?

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Field Security Definition is made up of one or more Field Access Definitions that are assigned to an Access Level.  Once the Field Security Definition is created, you can then apply it to one or more Security Profiles, which can be assigned to a user. For more information about Field Security procedures, see Field Security Tasks.


Depending on the record you are in, you can restrict the access level to a specific user. Ensure you include the same restricted field access in each security definition so that the user cannot change access from one level to another.


You must have System Administration permission in order to access this functionality. Go to Cintra iQ: System Administration Manage Security Define Security Profiles

Field Access Definitions

Within Field Access Definition, you can create a list of fields to which you can restrict access. And you can apply more than one list of fields to one or more Field Security Definitions.  Once you have a Field Security definition, you can assign it to a Security ProfileField Access can be either of the following:
  • Full Access: The data is visible and editable to all users.
  • Read Only: The data is visible but not editable.
  • No Access:  The fields are greyed out and the data cannot be seen.


I want to use a Field Security Definition to restrict Payroll users from accessing medical records. Go to Cintra iQ: System Administration Manage Security Field Security Field Access Definition

About the Create Field Access Definitions window

Use this window to create lists of specific fields that have restricted access.
Name Description
Title Enter the name of the definition. 
Fields This pane contains every field that is available within Cintra iQ. Those fields related to Payroll are highlighted in bold to draw attention to payroll aspects of the system so that you can easily pick them out.
Security Attribute
This section allows you to toggle between Full AccessRead-Only, or No Access security. You can double click the desired item in the Fields pane to toggle between Full AccessRead-Only, or No Access. Or you can double-click the desired folder to set its contents to either Full AccessRead-Only, or No Access.


Each definition can contain a combination of Read Only and No Access fields.

Fields Filter
This section allows you to filter the Fields to display only those items that are set as Full AccessRead-Only, or No Access.


Use the following buttons to perform various tasks.

Name Description
Full Access Click this button to make all the items in the Fields pane fully accessible.
Read Only All Click this button to make all the items in the Fields pane read only.
No Access All Click this button to make all the items in the Fields pane fully inaccessible.
Expand All
Click this button to toggle between expanding the tree structure in the Fields pane or collapsing it.
Show List Click this button to display the items you have selected in a list format.


Field Security Definitions

Field Security Definition groups together one or more Field Access definitions for different levels of access. Within Field Security Definition, you can apply Field Access definitions to each record Access Level.

About Access Level

Every record has an Access Level.  This is a way to group records together for security purposes.  The grouping can be anything that makes sense to you: Departments, Locations, Seniority, or any mixture you choose. All records that have the same Access Level have the same Field Security Definition applied to them.  This means that you can have different security applied to employee records such as Manager records and General Workers' records. 


As the default Access Level is level 1, the Payroll users would  be left as this, and all the Managers would be changed to level 2.  Separate field security can then be applied to these two groups of records such as A No Access to Personal Details Definition to the Managers' records, and a Read-Only Access Definition containing the same fields to the General Workers' records.

There are ten Access Levels available, and the numbering (1 - 10) doesn't imply any kind of order or hierarchy.  An Access Level is just ways of identifying groups of records so that you can apply different field security to them.
If you have no requirement to distinguish between different records for the purpose of field security,  leave all records as level 1, and apply all your field security to this level.
If you do want to have different field security on different records then you can group the records by access level and assign different Field Access Definitions to each Access Level.


The Access Level default is automatically set as 1, and is displayed when you create a new record of any type. Go to Cintra iQ: Menu bar System Administration Manage  Security Field Security Field Security Definitions


About the Field Security Definitions window

You can use this window to assign one or more Field Access definitions to a specific Access Level, which in turn can be applied to a user's profile.


I want to prevent my Payroll users from accessing the Directors' medical records, therefore I need to assign a no medical access Field Definition and an Access Level to a Directors Field Security Definition.

Go to Cintra iQ: System Administration> Manage Security> Field Security> Field Security Definition
Select either the New button or the Edit button to open the Field Security Definition window.
Name Description
Title Enter the name of the Field Access Profile Definition
Access Level
This drop down contains access levels from one to 10. The purpose of these Access Levels is to group records together that need a particular Field Access security setting.
Available pane
This pane contains the definitions of restricted fields that were created as Field Access Definitions.
Assigned pane This pane contains the Field Access Definitions that you wish to assign to the selected Access Level.



Use these buttons to perform various tasks.

Name Description
Add Click this button to add a Field Access definition to the Assigned pane.
Add All Click this button to add all of the available Field Access definitions to the Assigned pane.
Remove Click this button to remove a Field Access definition from the Assigned pane.
Remove All Click this button to remove all the Field Access definitions from the Assigned pane.


Field Access Profiles Report

The Cintra iQ Field Access Profiles Report shows you at a glance all the Field Access definitions and their access types, that were applied to the Field Access Profiles in Field Security. You can save or print the report.
Go to Cintra iQ: System Administration> Manage Security> Field Security> Field Access Definitions Report

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