What is lookup security?

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Lookup Security Definition is made up of one or more Lookup tables to which you can restrict access. This is so that the user cannot change data within that table. Once you have created a Lookup definition, you can apply it to a Security Profile.


You must have System Administration permission in order to access this functionality. 



I have created a No Equal Opportunity Data definition that restricts the Disability, Marital Status, Nationalities, Religion, and Sexual Orientation Lookup tables. Therefore the user who is assigned this definition will not be able to change or add any disabilities, nationalities or marital statuses etc in those Lookup tables. 


About the Create Lookup Access Definition window

Within the Create Lookup Access Definition window, you can select one or more Lookup tables that can have restricted access by a user.
Name Description
Title Enter the name of the Lookup Access definition.
Available Lookups pane This pane lists all the Lookup tables that are available in the Definition> Lookups> Lookup Administration window. 
Restricted Lookups pane
This pane will contain any or all Lookup tables that you wish a user to have restricted access to.


Use the following buttons to perform various tasks. 
Name Description
Add Click this button to add a lookup to the Restricted Lookups pane.
Remove Click this button to remove a look up from the Restricted Lookups pane.

How do I create a new lookup access definition?

  1. Navigate to the Lookup Access Definitions window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: System Administration>  Manage Access Profiles> Lookup Access
  2. Enter the Title of the Lookup Definition
  3. Click the New button. The Create Lookup Access Definition window appears.
  4. Select the desired Lookup table in the Available Lookups pane.
  5. Click the Add button. The Lookup appears in the Restricted Lookups pane.
  6. Continue to add Lookups if desired.
  7. Click the OK button. The definition is created.
  8. Continue to set up a Security Profile.

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