How do I create new UKPRNs in the lookup table?

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What are UKPRNs?

The UKPRN is a unique number allocated to providers after successful UKRLP registration. This is an 8-digit number that always start with a 1.
Cintra iQ allows you to enter multiple UKPRN numbers in Lookup Tables.  Lookup Table can be used for most lists where a user selects from a drop down within the application, such as a Job or Post category. These values appear as the pre-defined list items within the drop downs.

How do I add values to a lookup table?

  1. Go to: Definitions > Lookups. The Lookup Administration window appears.

  2. Select UK Register of Learning Providers from the Lookup Table dropdown. 

  3. Click Insert. The UK Register of Learning Providers Lookup Table form appears.

  4. Enter the UKPRN Code & Name. 
  5. Click OK. The new UKPRN appears in the Lookup Values pane. It can now be selected when creating Educational Details for an Employer in Employer Setup.

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