How do I add absence categories to the lookup table?

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What are absence categories?

Absence categories in Cintra iQ are used to categorise different types of employee leave or absences. The system includes some pre-defined categories, such as sickness and annual leave, allowing users to efficiently organize and track the various reasons for employee absences. These categories help in managing and analysing leave patterns within the organization.

How do I create my own absence category?

  1. Navigate to the Lookup Administration window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Definitions > Lookups
  2. Select Lookup Table: Attendance Categories. The Lookup Values associated to the categories appear.
  3. Click the Insert button. The Attendance Categories form appears. Enter the relevant information, including: 

Attendance Category Form

Name Description
Category Enter the name of the Absence Category.
Category Code Enter a Code to represent Category i.e MAT for Maternity.
Description Brief description of the Category.
Text Colour Normally black but can be selected.
Background Colour Choose the colour to represent the Category on the Calendar.
Is Attending? This is used to identify those categories where the employee being associated with this category will still be attending work. For example if Training Course was the category then the employee attending would still be attending work.
Apply Working Pattern to Display? Selecting this box applies the employee's work pattern on top of a calendar event within the Calendar, thus identifying working and non-working days.
Is Normally Paid? Select this box if the employee is to be paid as normal, for example Holiday.
Display on Calendar? Select this box if you wish to display and select the category within the Calendar.
Has Entitlement Select this box if the category has an entitlement, for example Holiday.
Minimum Time Interval Size Choose between Half Day or Minute. Specifying holiday entitlement in days works well when employees tend to work the same number of hours for each day they work, whether part time or full time. Where a part time employee works a different number of hours each day, for example, seven hours on Mondays, two hours on Tuesdays, it may be deemed fairer to specify a number of hours holiday the employee is entitled to (e.g. 5.6 weeks x 8 hours a week = 44.8 hrs) so that when the employee is absent on Tuesday only, just two hours are deducted from entitlement rather than a higher proportion of entitlement. When you create an attendance category, you can decide whether to record absences in days or hours.
Minimum Time Interval Enter a number. Used in conjunction with Interval Size.
Use Work Pattern to Calculate Duration Select this box if you wish the system to calculate how many working days have been used between two dates using the employees working pattern.
Connect Cubes Map (Amount) The two Connect Maps (Amount) and (Units) fields are only to be used in conjunction with reporting requirements for joint payroll ventures.
Connect Cubes Map (Units) The two Connect Maps (Amount) and (Units) fields are only to be used in conjunction with reporting requirements for joint payroll ventures.
Click the OK button The Absence Category appears in the Lookup Values pane.

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