How do I create a pension group?

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Cintra iQ has the added functionality of a User friendly Interface which will allow files to be created for certain Pension Providers. In order to set up the Pension Provider Files, you need to set up the file type and Pension Scheme Reference, assign the Pension Provider to the Pension Scheme and set up Pension Groups.
Once you have Automatically Enrolled your employees into a scheme, you will need to assign a Pension Group to each new member. This allows you to Group employees together by different levels of contributions, different pay reference periods, locations etc. This allows you to have multiple Groups.


Like the Employer Reference, the Pension Group has different formats depending upon which provider you use. For NEST and Equiniti you would have defined these groups during your account set up.


To create the pension groups

  1. Navigate to the Lookup Administration window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Definitions> Lookups...

  2. Select Lookup Table: Pension Groups.
  3. Click the Insert button. The Pension Groups form appears. 
  4. Enter the Group Name.
  5. Enter a Group Description.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Continue to add more Pension Groups, if necessary.


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