How do I exclude an employee/post from an appraisal period?

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How do I exclude an employee/post from an appraisal period?

You may want to exclude an Employee/Post from an Appraisal Period if there are Employees/Posts for whom you do not want to create an Appraisal record for the selected period.
  1. Select the desired Employee/Post in the Included Employees/Posts for Appraisal Periods pane.
  2. Click the Move to Exluded List button. The employee is moved to the Excluded Employees/Posts from Appraisal Period pane.

How do I re-introduce an excluded employee/post into the appraisal period?

  1. Select the desired Employee/Post in the Excluded Employess/Posts from Appraisal Period pane. 
  2. Click the Move to Included List button. The employee is returned to the Included Employees/Posts for Appraisal Period pane.

What happens in self-service?

As soon as the Appraisal form's design and Appraisal Period is set up and the Appraisal record has been created for the Employee/Post, the Appraisal appears in Self-Service under the Performance Management menu item. The employee and/or manager can then log in to Self-Service and access it.

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