How do I create appraisal records?

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What are appraisals records?

Appraisal records are formal documents used within organizations to evaluate and record an employee's performance over a specific period. They are an integral part of performance management systems.

How do I create an appraisal record?

  1. Navigate to the Create Appraisals window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Performance Management> Create Appraisal 
  2. Select the desired Appraisal Type.
  3. Select the desired Appraisal Period.
  4. Select the desired Communication Structure.
  5. Check the Additional Roles option, if applicable. The Employees/Posts appear in the Included Employees/Posts for Appraisal Period pane.
    Note: If a filter has been applied to the Navigator, the filtered list of Employees/Posts is displayed in the Included Employees/Posts for Appraisal Period pane instead of all the Employees/Posts listed in the Navigator.
  6. Exclude the desired Employees/Posts from the appraisal period, where applicable.
  7. Select the desired Employees/Posts for whom you wish to create Appraisals.
  8. Click the Create Appraisals for Selected Emloyees/Posts button. A confirmation message appears. 
  9. Click the OK button. The employees are removed from the Create Appraisals window. The Appraisals records can now be accessed from Self-Service by the employee/manager.
  10. Close to Save and exit the window.

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