How do I set work time rules for employees?

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Within Cintra iQ, you can set up working patterns and FTEs (Full Time Equivalences) either via an employee's post or directly in the Time Management form. These working patterns and FTEs can then be used to calculate absences or sick pay etc. You can record Work Pattern details directly via the Time Management form, by using the Insert FTE From Work Pattern form within Time Management and setting the Working Time rules. 

To set the working time rules

  1. Go to: Employment record> Forms> Time Management. The Time Management window appears. Select the Working Time Directive tab
  2. Select the desired Working Time Directives. 
  3. Enter a WTD and Opt Out date, where applicable.
  4. Enter the desired Notice Period.
  5. Click the Apply button to save.
  6. Click the OK button to exit.

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