How do I Update Payroll Period Input for 'Keep in Touch' Days?

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In order to ensure accuracy in your financial records, particularly concerning tax bands, NI, pension, and similar parameters, it's vital to correctly input any 'Keep in Touch' days into your payroll system. Follow the steps below to add the appropriate amount of money for the period in which the 'Keep in Touch' day occurred:

  1. Determine the Relevant Month: First, figure out the month when the 'Keep in Touch' day took place. If it occurred last month, you'll need to input it for that specific period.
  2. Navigate to Payroll Period Input:
    • Locate the section titled "Payroll Period".
    • Using the dropdown menu, select the appropriate payroll period that corresponds with the month when the 'Keep in Touch' day happened.
  3. Access Input Correction:
    • Once you've selected the correct payroll period, click on the "Create Input Correction" button.
  4. Add a New Entry for the 'Keep in Touch' Day:
    • After the Payroll Period Input screen becomes accessible, navigate to the specific day when the 'Keep in Touch' day occurred.
    • Right-click on this day and select "Add New" from the context menu.

By following these steps, you will be ensuring that your 'Keep in Touch' days are accurately reflected in your financial system. This can be crucial for ensuring that any potential impacts on tax bands, NI, pension, and similar factors are properly accounted for.


By Patrick Lamb



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