How do I produce P11Ds for Self-Service?

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Within Cintra iQ, you can produce draft/non draft version of Individual Employee P11Ds for printing/publishing to Self-Service prior to creating a submission file for HMRC. Once in Self-Service, the employee can create the P11D form as a PDF.

To produce P11Ds

  1. Navigate to the Generate P11D Submission(s) form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Menu bar:  Payroll> Payroll Tools> HMRC> P11D Forms. 
  2. Select the desired Pay Scheme Reference.
  3. Select the desired Tax Year.
  4. Include either current and former employees or former employees.
  5. Generate the P11Ds for Individual Employees.


    When selected, Individual Employees produces a P11D per employee within the PAYE Scheme.

  6. Select Generate as Draft, if required.
  7. Select Create PDF File(s), if required.
  8. Select Publish to Self-Service.
  9. Click the Generate button. Depending on what you have selected as the output, either the P11D form , the P11D draft, or the P11D pdf is published to Self-Service for the employee(s). 


    The file naming and manifest files can be configured to your specification if desired. Please contact the Cintra Support team for more information.


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