How do I produce P11D submissions for whole pay schemes?

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You can produce a P11D submission form for a whole pay scheme and either generate a draft version of the P11D, place the P11D submission into the FBI Outbox to send to HMRC, and/or create the P11D form as PDF file to be viewed in a location of your choice.


Only the P11Ds generated for Whole PAYE Schemes will be placed into the FBI Outbox for submission. You cannot send a draft version to FBI.

To produce a P11D submission

  1. Navigate to the Generate P11D Submission(s) form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Menu bar> Payroll> Payroll Tools> HMRC> P11D Forms.
  2. Select the desired Pay Scheme Reference.
  3. Select the desired Tax Year.
  4. Include either current and former employees or former employees.
  5. Generate the P11Ds for Whole Pay Scheme.
  6. Perform either of the following:
    • Create a draft of the P11D PDF file.
      • Select Produce as draft.
      • Select Generate PDF File(s).
      • Click the Generate button. The Browse for Folder window appears.
      • Select the desired folder.
      • Click the OK button. A message appears stating that the number of PDFs are generated to the selected folder.
      • Click the OK button to exit.
    • Send to FBI Outbox.
      • Select Place into FBI Outbox.
      • Click the Generate button. A message appears stating that the P11D form is now placed in the FBI Outbox.
      • Click the OK button to exit.
    • Send to FBI Outbox and generate PDF.
      • Select Place into FBI Outbox.
      • Select Generate PDF File(s).
      • Click the Generate button. The P11D form appears in the FBI Outbox, and a message appears stating: [Number] of PDF generated to [location]. The XML for [xml file name] has been updated in the FBI Outbox.
      • Click the OK button to exit.


The file naming and manifest files can be configured to your specification if desired. Please contact the Support Team for more information.

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