How do I amend a previously submitted EPS?

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You can use RTI Corrections to amend and resubmit corrections of Employment Payment Summary (EPS) files to HMRC. Once you have amended/created the EPS files, you can send them to HMRC via the FBI Mailbox. You can resubmit an EPS to HMRC any time.   

How do I amend a previously submitted EPS?

  1. Go to: Tool bar> FBI icon. The HMRC Form Processing window appears.
  2. Click the Open FBI Mailbox button. The File By Internet window appears.
  3. Click Tool bar> RTI Corrections. The RTI Corrections and Amendments form appears.
  4. Ensure the Supported Document is EPS.
  5. Select the desired Known PAYE Scheme.
  6. Select the desired Tax Year.
  7. Click the Find Latest Submission button. The Employer Payment Summary for ... form appears. This form displays all of the data submitted on the latest EPS file for the tax year.
  8. Amend the desired fields.
  9. Click the Save button. A message appears stating the location to where the file is saved.
  10. Click the OK button. You are returned to the RTI Corrections and Amendments form. The file is saved to the Internet Returns folder and can be seen in the FBI Outbox, waiting for you to resend it to HMRC.


Because RTI Corrections automatically creates each file as a new version of the previous file, the file's name begins with the name of the original file and ends with a sequence number.


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