How do I purge historic HMRC transmission (FBI) data?

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Once your payroll is finalised, you can pay employees using your preferred payment method and report the details to HMRC in a FPS submission. Within Cintra iQ, you can purge historic FPS communication documents with HMRC, such as P60s and/or P9s, that contain personal information.
Within Purge Data History Setup form you can perform the following:
  • Purge all PAYE Schemes.
  • Purge a specific PAYE Scheme.


You should only purge those communications that are older than six years prior to the start of the current year.

To purge data

  1. Navigate to the HMRC Form Processing window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tool bar> FBI icon.
  2. Click the FBI Mailbox button. The File By Internet window appears.
  3. Navigate to Menu bar> Tools> Purge Historic Data. The Purge History Setup form appears. 
  4. Purge: 
      • All: Data for PAYE Schemes that are older than six years prior to the start of the current year, by leaving the PAYE Scheme fields blank. Note: The blank fields are set as the default.
      • Individual: Data for PAYE Scheme that are older than six years prior to the start of the current year, by entering the desired details in the PAYE Scheme fields.
  5. Click the Start Purge button. Once the purge is completed, a confirmation appears stating: About to permanently delete all sent and received HMRC documents prior to [date]. This cannot be done. Do you want to proceed? 
  6. Click the Yes button. A Purge Result message appears stating: Deleted [value] files and [value] folders with [value] errors.
  7. Click the OK button. The files and folders are deleted from the FBI folder.


    Once the purge is complete, an audit Purge log is created within the system which details who has purged the documents and how many files were deleted. The Purge file can be found in your FBIInternetReturns Logs folder.

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