How do I create FBI credentials?

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FBI can save login credentials per PAYE scheme. Once the credentials have been entered, they can be saved and associated with the PAYE scheme of the payroll.  This means that you will only ever need to enter credentials if there is a change.
As a System Administrator within Cintra iQ, you create, view and edit Gateway Credentials. This is so Cintra iQ can retain an encrypted version of your FBI Gateway Credentials, which can then be accessible for all users of the applicable payroll. 
A user can then select the relevant credential when submitting a FPS to HMRC. For more information, see How Do I Submit FPS to HMRC?


Cintra iQ customers running their own payroll will not have agent options available to them, but can create and apply their own credential set for each PAYE scheme. Once credentials are applied to a PAYE scheme, any FPS/EPS submissions will be sent automatically. Previously, this wouldn’t have been the case where multiple PAYE schemes had separate credentials.


To create a new gateway credential

Select the PAYE scheme

  1. Navigate to the HMRC Form Processing window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Tool bar> FBI icon or Menu bar> Payroll> Payroll Tools> HMRC> File By Internet
  2. Select the PAYE Scheme

Access the gateway credential form

  1. Click the Open FBI Mailbox button.

    The File By Internet window appears.
  2. Click Receive.

    The Gateway Credential form appears.

Create the new credentials

You can create a new Gateway Credential with a tested saved password, or you can set the credentials to have a password re-entered, each time the credential is used. The password is tested so that you do not repeatedly use the incorrect information.
  1. Select New from the Gateway Account drop-down.
  2. Click the OK button. The Save Gateway Credentials form appears.
  3. Enter the Gateway Account Name.
    Note: It must contain letters, numbers and spaces only.
  4. Enter the Gateway Id.
    Note: It must contain Letters and Numbers only
  5. Enter the Gateway Password.
    Note: Click Show to view what you have entered.
  6. Click the Test & Save button. A message appears stating that the Credentials are successfully saved. And the credential can now be selected from the Gateway Account drop-down.


If you do not want to save your credential's password...

You are prompted to enter the password after you have clicked the Test & Save button.


Each time you use the credential in the future, you will be prompted to enter a password.


To edit a credential

  1. Navigate to the Gateway Credentials.
  2. Click the Edit button. The Save Gateway Credentials form appears.
  3. Update the relevant details.
  4. Click the Test & Save button. A message appears stating that the Credential details are successfully updated.

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