How do I set up/apply voluntary deductions against an employee?

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The Deductions form within Cintra iQ is used for all standing non-statutory deductions including attachment of earnings orders, loans, and voluntary deductions. 
Use this Voluntary Deduction tab to set up any other voluntary employee deductions. The left-hand pane displays any deduction(s) given to the employee. The right-hand pane displays the details of the selected deduction(s).

To set up a voluntary deduction

  1. Navigate to the Voluntary Deductions tab in the employee's Standing Deductions window.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Record> Forms> Deductions
  2. Select the Show all deduction headings option. All the Employment Standard Deductions appear in the Deductions pane.
  3. Select the desired deduction.
  4. Right-click: New. The deduction's details form appears.
  5. Enter the From date.
  6. Enter the To date, if necessary.
  7. Select the deduction frequency.
  8. Select the desire deduction amount option.
  9. Enter the deduction amount, if necessary.
  10. Enter the reference, if necessary.
  11. Click the OK button. The Deduction record is created.
  12. Click the OK button to exit.
  13. Continue to perform a calculation.

To enter a voluntary deduction

WIthin Cintra iQ, you can directly enter voluntary deduction  data  for an employee for the current pay period via  Payroll Period Input  form and anything that is in the form can be manually adjusted.

 Future Corrections

It is recommended that you don’t overwrite any standard values that could be relevant to a future correction, such as salary.

  1. Navigate to the Voluntary Deductions tab in the employee's Payroll Period Input and Corrections window. 
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employment record> Forms> Payroll Period Input
  2. Right-click: New. The New Voluntary Deduction Record dialogue appears.
  3. Select the desired Voluntary Deduction heading.


    These Ad Hoc deduction headings were create in Payroll Payroll Setup Adjustments Deductions.

  4. Click the Next button. The New Voluntary Deduction Record appears.


    The Paid from and Paid to dates automatically appear as default.

  5. Enter the Input Amount.
  6. Enter any notes, if applicable.
  7. Click the OK button. The deduction record appears in the Voluntary Deductions tab.
  8.  Perform a calculation. The deduction appears on the employee's payslip under Deductions.

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