How do I make changes to a national insurance category?

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 You can use the Tax and NI form within Cintra iQ to view and record the employee's tax and National Insurance (NI) information. NI category changes will be made automatically on employees reaching the age of 21. When an employee reaches retirement age, you will need to enter the change to category C.

How do I change a national insurance category?

Within Cintra iQ, you can change the desired NI Category for an employee.
  1. Go to Cintra iQ: Employment Records > Forms > Tax and NI. The Tax & NI Details form appears.
  2. Navigate to the National Insurance tab.
  3. Right-click: NEW within the National Insurance Category History pane. The New NI Settings form appears.
  4. Enter the desired Effective Date.
  5. Select the desired NI Category.


    You don't need to end your current NI Category record as the effective date of the new category record overwrites it. Warning messages appear if you select the incorrect NI Category. For example, if you selected a contracted out category instead of contracted in.

  6. Select the desired check box if necessary. Note: The Employee has an APP option is no longer used and is displayed for historical purposes only.
      • CA2700 Received: Select this check box if the employee is on a reduced rate NI category and defers their National Insurance contributions. For example, the employee is ion state pension age and is category C- retired.
      • CA4138, CF383, CF380A Held: Select this check box if the employee is eligible for married women's reduced rate National Insurance contributions.
  7. Click either of the following:
    • the Apply button to save.
    • the OK button to exit.

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