How do I record employee loans/medical treatment/insurance benefits?

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Register with HMRC to inform them that you wish to payroll benefits that were previously submitted via a P11D . For more information, see
For benefits other than company vehicles, you should enter the “relevant amount” against all expenses and benefits within Cintra iQ.


When entering the amount to be reported on the P11D, if a relevant OpRA is in place, enter the greater amount of the benefit or the amount foregone.



If a relevant OpRA is in place for a beneficial loan, enter the amount foregone in the Amount Foregone if linked to OpRA field on the P11DWS4 - Interest Free and Low Interest Loans form. This will be compared against the calculated interest for reporting on the P11D..


How do I record other p11d benefits?

  1. Go to: Employment Record > Forms > Expenses & Benefits
  2. Select the Other P11D Benefits tab.
  3. Select the desired Tax Year.
  4. Right-click: New. The New Benefit (Other) form appears.
  5. Select the desired heading.
  6. Click the Next button. The New form appears.
  7. Fill in the information.
  8. Click the Save button.

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