How do I create a condition?

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Cintra iQ controls automation of rates generated at employee level, by reference to other payment values, by using conditional numeric functions. A conditional numeric function is where a numeric function is applied to a set of records determined by a condition.

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You can use base overtime rates on the salary by a multiplication factor in the numeric function. The numeric expression can be different for different sets of records determined by the condition. A condition is a search for records which contain the data criteria set in the definition and when this is used in a conditional function will determine the records to which a numeric expression is applied. This process is very similar to creating record filters.


How do I create a condition?

  1. Go to: Payroll > Payroll Setup > Adjustments > Conditions
  2. Click New. The Create Function Condition Definition window appears.
  3. Enter a Title.
  4. Select the appropriate available field from the Available Fields pane.
  5. Click the > Field Name button. The selected available field is displayed as the Field Name.
  6. Select the Operator from the drop-down list. 
  7. Perform either of the following:
    1. Select another field from the Available Fields pane and click the > Value button. 
    2. Manually enter the value in the > Value field.
  8. Click the  Add  button. The criteria appears in the Expression pane.
  9. Review the sequence of the fields and make changes where necessary.
  10. Add more criteria if necessary.
  11. Click the OK button to save the Condition. If you have already created a Numeric Expression, you are now ready to create a Conditional Function.

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