How are bank holiday adjustments included in the annual leave?

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Within your organisation, there may be different terms and conditions between groups of employees for annual leave. Therefore, you may need to have multiple holiday entitlement schemes to establish full time entitlement. A particular scheme can then be applied to an individual employee.


Although the starting point of an entitlement is the full time, full year entitlement for all employees, a pro rata calculation may then be applied to this full entitlement for part time employees and starters and leavers within an entitlement period.

Bank holidays may or may not apply to a particular employee, depending on the organisation they work for. Within a particular organisation, bank holidays may apply to some employees (e.g. head office staff) and not to others (e.g. retail outlet staff).
  • The minimum statutory entitlement is 28 days, but this can include bank holidays.
  • For a part time employee, this entitlement will then be reduced on a pro rata basis by the number of days worked per week by the employee.
  • As a minimum, an employee working four days a week (Tuesday to Friday say), will be entitled to: 28 / 5 x 4 days = 22.4 days of entitlement.
  • The bank holidays that apply to the employee (i.e. fall on what would have been working days) must then be deducted as effectively, ‘pre-booked’ holidays. For more information, see What are Bank Holiday Adjustments?

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