How do I manually increase spine point values?

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Spine Point Values are normally increased annually either as a result of pay awards or in  line with inflation or both. Cintra iQ is a date driven system which allows historical values to be maintained for the use in the payment of backdated pay awards and the late submission of overtime payments, to ensure the correct payment for the appropriate time period. Also, because Spines are attached to Grades which in turn are attached to Employees, this means that when the Spine Point Values are increased from a certain date that all the employees attached to that value will receive a dated increase automatically, and also any backdated payments due.

 Payroll Period Input Data

You must end the date of the open value before you can update the value(s), otherwise a message appears stating: More than one record has an open-to-date. Please close off previous records.

You can manually apply any increases to Spine Point Values

To apply increases

Navigate to the Spine Point History Tab 

Navigate to the Spine Point Salary History tab in the desired Spine Point Details form. 
Go to Cintra iQ: Employer Settings> Pay Spines> record in Navigator> Forms> Spine Point Details


End the Open Spint Point Value 

  1. Highlight the relevant Spine Point record in the upper pane.
  2. Double-click the Spine Point History record with no To Date. The Edit Spine Point Values form appears. 
  3. Enter the To Date.
  4.  Click the OK button to save and close the form. The record is closed in the Spine Point History tab.


You can quickly amend more than one record in a list by using the Previous or Next buttons on the Edit Spine Point Values form.

Create the New Spine Point Value 

  1. Ensure the desired Spine Point record is still highlighted in the upper pane.
  2. Right-click: New in the Spine Point History pane. The Insert Spine Point Values form appears.
  3. Enter the desired details.
  4. Click the OK button. The new Spine Point Value is created.


  1. Continue to repeat this process to update the necessary Spines Point records and Values.

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