How do I prevent a bank holiday adjustment for a non-working day set?

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Within your organisation, there may be different terms and conditions between groups of employees for annual leave. Therefore, you may need to have multiple holiday entitlement schemes to establish full time entitlement. A particular scheme can then be applied to an individual employee.


Although the starting point of an entitlement is the full time, full year entitlement for all employees, a pro rata calculation may then be applied to this full entitlement for part time employees and starters and leavers within an entitlement period. By default, any non-working day sets applied to an employee will be considered as bank holidays to be deducted from entitlement. It may be that there are non-working days that should not be deducted from entitlement. For example, if the office closes between Christmas and New Year, and all employees benefit to from the three days off, regardless of whether they are full time or part time.


To exclude non-working day sets from holiday calculations

Any non-working day set can be excluded from holiday calculations by selecting the Exclude from Holiday Calculation option within the Standard Exclusion Set form. Go to Cintra iQ: Employer Settings> Set record> Forms>  Standard Exclusion Set. This non-working day set can now be applied to an employee without impacting holiday entitlement calculations.

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