How do I create a grade record linked to pay spines?

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Salary (Payment) grades are used by many organizations to help managers manage employees and establish appropriate pay increases for existing employees, while maintaining equity among the jobs in the company. Payment grades provide a structure for compensating employees and managing the payroll.
Grades within Cintra iQ can be either stand alone or linked via Pay Spines to actual payments. The Grade record contains the minimum and maximum limits of the selected Pay Spine, so that when applied, the employee will not have a pay increase once the limit is reached.

To create a record

  1. Navigate to the New Record: GRADE form.
    Go to Cintra iQ: Employer Settings> Grades> Navigator> Right-click: New. 

  2. Enter the Grade Name.
  3. Enter the Description.
  4. Select the desired Pay Spine.
  5. Enter the Minimum Spine Point.
  6. Enter the Maximum Spine Point.
  7.  Ensure the Grade Is Active option is selected.


    For more information about the fields, see About the Grades Form.

  8. Click the Finish button. The Grade record is created, and appears in the Navigator ready to be applied to a Post

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